Our Facility

Our facility features a beautifully decorated formal living room, chapel, activities room, library, dining room, beauty shop, ice cream parlor/pool hall, Salottino- Italian for parlor, Physical Therapy room, outdoor balcony, patio, and a courtyard with a gazebo. As you will see, our facility provides a homey feel through the collection of our construction materials and furniture, allowing you to feel like you are coming home.

Our Heritage

Our facility features an Italian theme in our name and design, to pay homage to Ravenna’s namesake of Ravenna, Italy. Throughout our facility, we have utilized construction items, materials, and furniture from several historically significant Ravenna sources.

The chapel embraces an altar, baptismal font, and railings purchased from St. Paul’s Lutheran Country Church.

The wood bench in the Salottino is from the early 1900’s railway station.

Our pool table lived in a billiard hall in downtown Ravenna, which dated to August 1924, before coming to reside in our facility.

We rescued many items from The East Ward School, including windows, doors, and handrails, which were incorporated into use throughout the facility. This aesthetic choice allows us a connection to Ravenna’s history and beautifully accentuates our common areas.

The Salottino (Italian for parlor) wood floor was created from the Ravenna Country Club dance floor. If you get the urge to dance across our Salottino now you will know why!

Our Rooms

Seneca Sunrise has a variety of suites available. Each suite is ready to move into with your personal furnishings.